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Residential & commercial
Solar PV Systems
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150 Towers All Around Sri Lanka
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Power your home with Sun Green, Sri Lanka’s one of the leading consolidated solar energy company. We source the highest quality solar PV panels direct from the manufacturer and pass on incredible savings to you.

Stand alone street lights provide ideal solutions to offset the high energy consuming street lights that consume a load of electricity and therefore, a burden on the national economy.

Telecommunication towers all run on battery backup systems in order to facilitate communications in the event of a power outage, emergency, or failure.

Solar Electrical System

Energy from the Sun is converted into energy for your Home

Net Metering

Net metering allows residential and commercial customers who generate their own electricity from solar power to feed electricity they do not use back into the grid

Who We Are?

Sun Green Solutions provide grid  tied and  off grid solar  electricity systems and also cater  solar water heating systems, LED street lights, pathway lights, Backup Power Systems, Solar powered Aircraft and marine warning lamp needs to the  Sri  Lankan market .  We are glad to announce that we are capable of providing integrated energy saving solutions to customers, along with the associate company Sunteks International.

Why should choose Sun Green Solutions?

We provide the best brands in the world

Our inverter is manufactured in German and it is the no.1 inverter in the world. We use Grade A - Monocrystalline Solar panels for our installations.

We provide a wide range of solutions

Solar Grid - Tie Systems, Off - Grid systems, Solar Hot Water Systems, Lighting Solutions and Energy Storage Solutions

24/7 Expert Support

We have experts in designing, planning, engineering, installation. We have approvals and agreements with CEB/ LECO. We provide excellent after sales service/maintenance/ repairs.

Our Recent Projects

800kW Solar System - FIBC Lanka (Pvt) Ltd - Polonnaruwa
250 kW Solar System - Concord Apparels (Pvt) Ltd - Avissawella
250 kW Solar System - Concord Apparels (Pvt) Ltd - Avissawella
PHOTO-2019-06-19-16-25-55 (1)-v2
200 kW Solar System - Concord Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd - Thambuththegama
120 kW solar System - MG Apparel (pvt) Ltd - Imbulana
120 kW Solar System - MG Apparel (pvt) Ltd - Imbulana
15kW System - Hokandara Residence
10kW System - Rajagiriya Residance
8.25kW System - Panadura Residance
Solar Water Pumping System Lanka Deep wells
Hutch Battery Bank Replacement Project
Street Light in Singhapura Fishing Jetty
250 kW Solar System - Guston Amava Ltd - Thilawa, Myanmar
250 kW Solar System - Amava Apparel Ltd - Pathein, Myanmar

3 Easy Steps To Go

Fill your details below and request for a Free assessment 

Our experts will send you the report prepared for your requirements 

We will give you the best solution and service

Our Brands

Solar Loan Providers

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