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Solar Hot Water Systems


Cold water coming from the overhead tank or the main water line fills the assistant tank, then comes to the main tank and then to the inner vacuum tubes and gets heated by the sun. As warm water is lighter than cold water, it rises to the top of the vacuum tube and then to the main tank while the heavier cold water sinks to the bottom of the tubes to replace the heated water and gets reheated by the sunlight. This natural phenomenon is known as thermosiphoning.
Thermosiphon solar water heating system is an excellent way to start saving on your electricity bills. The tank is installed above the collector tubes to allow the thermosiphon phenomenon to occur, circulating water from collectors to the tank.
The advantage of this type of solar water heating system is that there is no costly and corrosion prone copper piping involved, making these open tubes the most cost effective and hygienic.

Salient Features:

• Operates automatically – No electricity needed

• Can be installed both on flat and inclined roofs – Suitable for any rooftop in Sri Lanka

• More efficient and outperforms the flat plate collector systems as these are the Third Generation Solar Water Heating Systems

• Provides superior quality hot water as water gets in contact only with Food Grade stainless steel and glass tubes

• Stable and reliable performance

• Equipped with an auxiliary electrical booster (to be used in extreme weather conditions or during excessive usage) with a thermostat – Installed Free of Charge

• Conforms to universally accepted health standards: Inner tanks are made of food grade stainless steel

• Attains a temperature of 95 – 97 deg. Celsius. (Highest recorded temperature is 99.6 deg. Celsius)

• Takes very little time as 2 – 3 hours for the water to attain 95 degrees Celsius (from ambient temperature) under bright sunlight.

• Temperature preservation is 72+ hours to provide an uninterrupted supply of hot water

• Complies with Solar Keymark European standard, CE, GMC, CQC and CCC and have been produced in a factory accredited with ISO 9001, 14001, GB/T 28001/2001 and GB/T 19141/2003

• Non pressure systems equipped with an assistant tank that serves as the cold water inlet and is specially manufactured to withstand a water pressure up to 5-6 bars (72-87 lbs / inch²)

• All components made in the same factory


• Inner tank made out of SUS304-2B food grade Stainless Steel

• Insulation material: Polyurethane foam with thickness over 50mm

• All glass three target evacuated tubes of size 58mm (Ø) x 1800mm (length)

• Available capacities: 75, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 liters

• Low angle brackets specially fabricated for Sri Lanka
Available types:

• Integrated Pressure systems – Stainless Steel To be used in systems using a pressure / booster pump in corrosion prone locations

• Integrated Pressure systems – Colour Steel and Galvanized Steel To be used in systems using a pressure / booster pump

• Integrated non Pressure Systems – Stainless Steel To be used in corrosion prone locations

• Integrated non Pressure Systems – Colour Steel and Galvanized Steel The standard system to be used in almost any location

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